Q. Is Sneefers cost competitive?

A. We’ll always try to meet if not beat Amazon and other big online retailers in price each and every time. You may not get what you need in a two day turn (or less) but you’ll always be getting a great deal! In shopping with Sneefers, you’ll  be supporting a worker cooperative small business.

Q. When will I expect my order to be shipped?

A. It typically takes no more two business days before an item is shipped.

Q. Will your delivery schedule change?

A. As Sneefers grows, so will our capacity to better serve pets and their pet parents.

Q. Where did the name Sneefers come from.

A. My son Noah and I were brain storming together on what to call our online pet store. Asked him to think about something pets do. He was  six at the time and said, “Daddy, pets Sneef a lot” and I was like “What do they do?” and replied “Sneef Daddy, with their noses.” Rather than use Sniffers which was where he was going. We decided Sneefers was it! Thanks Noah!

Q. Do you do Home Delivery?

A. As we are located in Balitmore, we do provide local home delivery service through Postmates.

Q. Do you ship orders Nationwide?

A. Absolutely through UPS.

Q. Do you accept returns?

A. So long as the item is untouched and in the original packaging, customers can return items within seven days. Any order that was cancelled before fulfilment will be refunded minus any and all transaction fees levied by credit card providers.

Q. How do I cancel an order.

A. Changed your mind but your order hasn’t shipped yet? Send us an email! The phone number associated with the website is for coordinating deliveries via text. Voicemails are not checked.

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  • Phone: (443) 840-7385

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